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Rail connections

Warsaw Chopin Airport is conveniently connected with the centre of Warsaw and major railway and bus stations by train services, operated by SKM (S2 and S3) and KM (RL services linking Warsaw Chopin Airport, the city centre and Warsaw Modlin Airport).

Bus and train stops at the airport

ZTM (Warsaw Public Transport) tickets are valid on all KM and SKM trains to/from Warsaw Chopin Airport, within Warsaw fare zones. Warsaw Chopin Airport is in the Zone 1 (central). KM tickets are valid also on SKM S2 and S3 services between Warsaw Chopin Airport and other stations up to Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East), allowing change for KM trains to other places in the Masovia region.

All trains provide direct access in to the Warsaw Central Station (S3 and RL services) or adjacent Warsaw City Centre station (S2 services), where convenient change for other regional and long-distance train connections is possible.

Trains operate approximately every 15 minutes and the transit time to the city centre is approximately 25 minutes.

All services from Warsaw Chopin Airport (S2, S3, RL) operate through Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West) station, where major domestic and international bus terminal is located, as well as Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East) station, where change for domestic buses is possible.

ATTENTION! From 13.12.2020 till further notice the S3 SKM trains run via Warszawa Gdańska station, without stopping at Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Centralna stations.

summary scheme of rail airport connections

RL service operates to Modlin, where transfer bus service to the Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI) is provided. Please note that Modlin and Warsaw Modlin Airport are outside Warsaw fare zones and KM (Koleje Mazowieckie) ticket should be purchased.