Warsaw IC Ticket – Warszawski Transport Publiczny

Warsaw IC Ticket

“Bilet warszawski IC” is a special offer for the passengers who travel by PKP InterCity trains in Poland – this including TLK and InterCity (IC) trains – in the first or second class. It also enables the use of public transport for 75 minutes- buses, trams, the underground and SKM trains within the area of the first zone. The ticket is valid on the day of the arrival or the departure from Warsaw only. In order to make it valid, make sure the departure time is handwritten before your journey begins. You are obliged to do it upon entering the ZTM vehicle.

The purchase of the ticket

You may buy the ticket in the ticket office or directly from the ticket inspector in the train. It includes the purchase of a one way ticket in national connections from or to Warsaw only. A special pattern is demanded with the „Bilet IC warszawski” imprint 
and the following inscription: „W Strefie 1 ZTM Warszawa ważny 75 min. od godz. …” (in English: ‘Ticket is valid during 75 min. in the first zone from)

Honoring of the ticket
Apart from travels by PKP trains, the ticket entitles its owner to travel by Warsaw public transport (ZTM).

  • ‘from’ Warsaw – is honored in the area of the first zone on the day it was validated 75 minutes from the hour entered by the passenger, before the departure of the train from Warsaw.
  •  ‘to’ Warsaw – is honored in the area of the first zone on the day it was validated 75 minutes from the hour entered by the passenger after the arrival of the train to Warsaw.

Bilet Warszawski is not honored in Koleje Mazowieckie trains, Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa trains and in the bus transport of the County of Łomianki.       

Ticket Validity

Before the travel by ZTM public transport, the passenger is obliged to write by hand the departure time so as to make it readable.

If the passenger does not enter the hour or the hour is illegible or impermanent  or he/she enters it after the journey has already started the ticket is invalid.

Ticket inspection

You are obliged to show your ticket during the journey to the ticket inspector. Otherwise you will be treated as a passenger with no valid ticket in accordance with
the provisions stipulated in the regulations.
The invalid ticket will be described by a ZTM ticket inspector. The inspector will enter the date and time of the inspection, sign it and stamp with the use of the official stamp, thus making it impossible to use it again.
Tickets which are damaged or illegible are considered invalid. No money shall be returned in such a case.


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