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Warsaw Tourist Lines

Warsaw Tourist Lines are not only a treat for public transport enthusiasts, but also a way to get to know Warsaw, its monuments and interesting places. A ride on a historic bus on line 100 or a tram on line 36 and the summer holiday line T allows you to feel the breath of history, it is an attraction for children and adults, and an active form of spending free time.

Crossing the Vistula river by ferries allows you to see the city from a different perspective, move from the boulevards to the green bank of the river and enjoy time spent on the beach or a further bike ride along the marked paths.

If ferries are not enough, we encourage you to take part in a full-day boat trip to Serock. On board, you can feel like passengers of the famous “Rejs” (i.e. “Cruise”) by Marek Piwowski.

On Saturdays we would like to invite you to take a trip by the Piaseczno Narrow-gauge Train. We will reach Piaseczno by historical buses along the route of the non-existent trolleybus line.

Map of the Warsaw Tourist Lines 2024, including the routes of lines 100, 36, T and the Słonka, Pliszka and Wilga ferries.
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