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Warsaw Tourist Lines

Warsaw Tourist Lines run only in the summer.

We have got a proposal for you which you simply cannot refuse. Do not stay at home, spend your time with us! Let us go to the Vistula banks, stroll around the city, take a train to the country.

This year we have prepared many new attractions for you within the Warsaw Tourist Lines (WTL). On Saturdays, we would like to invite you to take a trip to Piaseczno by Piaseczno Narrow-gauge Train. We will reach Piaseczno by Ikarus buses along the route of the non-existent trolley-bus line. The lovers of historical trams and buses can go on a trip by means of four dedicated tram and bus lines. This is an opportunity to recollect old buses and tram carriages, but also a chance to reach many interesting sites in Warsaw.

Obviously, we did not forget about the water attractions. The Vistula River banks are connected by four ferry sites and we can use “Zefir” to go on a day-long trip to Serock.

The WTL season starts on 1 of May and will last to 28 of September.