Public transport in Warsaw – Warszawski Transport Publiczny

Public transport in Warsaw

The public transport network in Warsaw includes buses, trams, subway and SKM trains.
In addition – on the basis of a daily or longer ticket – you can travel by KM and WKD trains .

With Warsaw Public Transport (WTP) you can quickly and comfortably travel around the city and get to many cities neighboring with Warsaw. The easiest way to plan your trip is by using the journey planner.

WTP vehicles can be used on the basis of time tickets (20-minute, one-time 75-minute, one-time 90-minute, group 75-minute), short-term tickets (daily, 3-day, weekend, group weekend) and long-term tickets (30- and 90-day). Time and short-term tickets have the form of a paper ticket, and long-term tickets are coded on the Warsaw City Card.

Time and short-term tickets (in addition to those bought in ticket machines installed in WTP vehicles) should be validated immediately after entering the vehicle or at the subway gate. Tickets purchased in ticket machines in vehicles are already validated at the time of purchase. Tickets coded on cards must be activated by bringing closer to the validator or subway gate.

WTP tickets can be purchased at ticket machines, selected kiosks and stores, Passenger Service Points and via mobile applications.

In the Warsaw agglomeration there are two ticket zones. When choosing a ticket, please pay attention to whether the planned trip is limited to the first or second ticket zone. Detailed information on public transport is available at the 24/11 telephone number of the City Contact Center 19115.

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