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Additional fees

Additional charge for a journey without a required travel document

charge:266 PLN

Additional charge for a journey without a valid document which confirms the right to free or reduced fare travel

charge:196 PLN

Additional charge for stopping or changing the direction of a vehicle without a justified reason

charge:700 PLN

In case the fines listed in the items 1 and 2 are paid immediately to the ticket inspector

charge:159,60 PLN
117,60 PLN

In case the fines listed in the items 1 and 2 are paid within seven days from the issue date of the demand for payment

charge:186,20 PLN
137,20 PLN

Administrative charge for issuing next personal proximity card

charge:14 PLN

Administrative charge for collecting additional charge or issuing demand for payment in the case of their cancelation

charge:21 PLN

Administrative charge for returning a ticket

20% of nominal value of a ticket,
but no higher than 50,00 PLN

Transport of luggage or animals is free

Pursuant to the Transport Law Act, the carrier imposes an additional charge along with an applicable transport fee. In case of the additional charge being imposed, the passenger is obliged to pay this charge together with the applicable transport fee being an equivalent of the price of a single fare ticket as compliant with the entitlements held and the travel zone.

The additional charge may be decreased by 30% if its amount is paid not later than within 7 days following issuance of the request for payment. The transport fee is not subject to any reduction.

Bank account number to pay for travelling without a valid ticket:
02 1030 1508 0000 0005 5005 5023

For payments for travelling without a valid ticket it is possible to pay to individualized account numbers. The last digits of the account number are the number of the payment request that the passenger has received.

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