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Bus and railway stations

Most journeys by long-distance trains and buses start and end at one of the three Warsaw stations – Central, Eastern or Western.

The Central Railway Station (Warszawa Centralna) is located in the central part of the city, from which you can comfortably reach by public transport to all districts of Warsaw and suburban towns. Next to the station there are tram and bus stops and the Warszawa Śródmieście railway station, from which trains leave to districts of Warsaw far away from the center and to cities neighboring with Warsaw. At a distance of about 400 meters, there is the first metro station Centrum.

The Eastern Railway Station (Warszawa Wschodnia) consists of a railway and bus part. The railway station supports long-distance and regional connections. There are long-distance bus stops from Lubelska street. Public transport bus stops are located on both sides of the railway tracks – from the Lubelska street side and from the side of Kijowska street. Trams also leave from Kijowska Street.

The Warsaw West Station (Warszawa Zachodnia) is a railway and bus station. There are long-distance and suburban trains as well as long-distance buses. City bus stops are located in the immediate vicinity of the bus station, and are connected with the railway platforms by an underground passage.