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Integrated Ticket in communes

“Wspólny bilet” (Integrated Ticket) is a special tariff offer under which holders of selected ZTM tickets may travel by local buses within the area of municipalities in the vicinity of Warsaw.

1. Accepted tickets

The “Wspólny bilet” (Integrated Ticket) offer includes the following ZTM tickets:

  • 90-day,
  • 30-day,
  • 1-day,
  • 3-day,
  • weekend,
  • group weekend,
  • Senior Personal Pass,
  • personal ticket for a child from the family with three children

In addition, tickets issued by a carrier that covers local lines apply in local line busses.

2. Ticket zones

On all lines within the entire area covered by the offer tickets for Zone 1, 2 or 1 and 2 are valid.

3. Discount entitlements

Passengers travelling based on tickets under the “Wspólny bilet” (Integrated Ticket) offer on local lines benefit from all entitlements to fare discount (50% discount) and free travel, subject to regulations applicable in local public transport supervised by ZTM.

See entitlements to fare discounts and free travel

4. Timetables

Current timetables are available in the Timetables

5. Communicate with trains

Passengers traveling to the municipal communications Warsaw can benefit from connecting to the Mazovia Railways. In Mazovia Railways trains, the same types of ZTM tickets at the municipal communications.

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