Warsaw Ticket with Polregio – Warszawski Transport Publiczny

Warsaw Ticket with Polregio

“Warsaw ticket” is a special offer for passengers travelling by Polregio trains to and from Warsaw. Holders of such tickets can use all the means of the Warsaw Public Transport (buses, trams, metro and SKM trains):

  • for 75 minutes in ZTM zone 1
  • for 90 minutes in ZTM zones 1 and 2

from the hour handwritten on the ticket. WTP transfers can be realized up to 12 before departure from Warsaw or after the arrival.

Ticket purchase

The ticket can be bought at a railway ticket office. In the offer, the buyer claims two documents: a one-way ticket for train journey and a valid only with it “Bilet warszawski z Polregio” blank. There is a special ticket pattern with the imprint “Bilet warszawski z Polregio”, the number of the ticket entered by the cashier, for the train with which it is valid, and the following text:

  • Bilet uprawnia w Strefie 1 ZTM od godz. ………. przez 75 min. do przejazdów pojazdami komunikacji miejskiej ZTM – for a 75 min (zone I) ticket
  • Bilet uprawnia w Strefie 1 i 2 ZTM od godz. ……. przez 90 min. do przejazdów pojazdami komunikacji miejskiej ZTM – for a 90 min (zone 1+2) ticket.

Honoring of a ticket

The ticket, apart from traveling by PR train, entitles you to travel by Warsaw Public Transport for 75 minutes in the 1 ZTM ticket zone or for 90 minutes in the 1 and 2 ZTM ticket zone.

The Warsaw ticket is not honored on trains operated by Koleje Mazowieckie and Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa.

Validity of the ticket

The ticket can be used within 12 hours before departure or after arrival of the PR train.

Before traveling with Warsaw Public Transport, the traveler is obliged to write permanently and legibly on a ticket the hour of its validity.

Lack of the annotation or placing it after entering into a transport agreement makes the ticket invalid.

The passenger who is traveling WPT on the basis of a ticket according to the offer with 50% discount, is obliged to have an appropriate document confirming the entitlement to the discount.

Ticket inspection

A passenger who does not show a valid ticked during the inspection is regarded as a traveler without a valid ticket, according to the rules and conditions stipulated in the regulations of the given carrier.

When a ZTM ticket inspector finds the ticket invalid, he describes this ticket by marking the date and the hour of the inspection, giving his signature and stamping it with an official stamp so that it is impossible to write the hour on the ticket annotation again.

A passenger travelling in Polregio trains on the basis of a discount ticket is obliged to have a valid document entitling to fare discounts.

Destroyed or illegible tickets are considered invalid and paid fares are not returned.

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