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ZTM-KM-WKD integrated ticket

“ZTM-KM-WKD Integrated ticket” is a special tariff offer in which the owners of the chosen ZTM may travel by suburban trains in Warsaw and neighboring communes.

“ZTM-KM-WKD integrated ticket” in trains operated by the companies:

  • “Koleje Mazowieckie – KM” Sp. z o.o. (Warsaw Rail)
  • Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa Sp. z o.o. (Warsaw Suburb Rail)

The principles of train journeys:

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  1. Valid tickets
  2. Area
  3. Ticket zones
  4. Discount entitlement
  5. Principles of ticket validation (activation)
  6. Complaints and applications
  7. Additional information
  8. Train schedules
  9. Acceptance of the tickets of Koleje Mazowieckie in the public transport vehicles
  10. Contact
  11. Legal basis of the offer

1. Accepted tickets

The “Wspólny bilet” (Integrated Ticket) offer includes the following ZTM tickets:

  • 90-day,
  • 30-day,
  • 1-day,
  • 3-day,
  • weekend,
  • group weekend,
  • Senior Personal Pass,
  • personal ticket for a child from the family with three children

The offer does not include 30-day tickets of Łomianki Municipal Communication.

2. Area

Tickets under the “Wspólny bilet” (Integrated ticket) offer entitle to travel by trains of Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) within the area limited by the following stations:

  • Sulejówek Miłosna
  • Otwock Śródborów
  • Zalesie Górne
  • Pruszków
  • Płochocin
  • Legionowo Przystanek
  • Legionowo Piaski
  • Zagościniec

by trains of Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa (WKD) at the Warszawa Śródmieście WKD – Opacz section.

ZTM-KM-WKD integrated ticket scheme

3. Ticket zones

When travelling by trains of Koleje Mazowieckie based on a ZTM ticket, passengers should note that according to the tariff, zones 1 and 2 are applicable, as in the case of travelling by SKM trains. The following border stations are:

  • Warszawa Ursus Niedźwiadek
  • Warszawa Gołąbki
  • Warszawa Choszczówka
  • Warszawa Rembertów
  • Warszawa Wola Grzybowska
  • Warszawa Falenica
  • Warszawa Jeziork
  • Warszawa Zacisze-Wilno
  • Warszawa Mokry Ług

Please note that in Zone 2 only tickets for Zone 1 and 2 are valid.

Be careful!: In the section Legionowo Piaski – Wieliszew  ZTM tickest are valid only in SKM trains.

At the section of WKD lines included in the offer, ticket zone 1applies only.

See the diagram

4. Discount entitlement

Under the “Wspólny bilet” (Integrated Ticket) offer, on KM, WKD and interRegio trains entitlements to fare discounts (50% discount) ) and free travel are accepted, in compliance with the applicable regulations on public transport supervised by ZTM.

See entitlement to fare discounts and free travel

5. Rules for validating (activating) tickets

Tickets under the “Wspólny bilet” (Integrated Ticket) offer are accepted on KM, WKD and interRegio trains on condition that they are valid during the journey, i.e. that they have been previously activated/validated.

Validation (activation) may be take place:

  • during an earlier journey on a vehicle operated on a ZTM line or at the metro entrance gates,
  • in the validating (activating) machine installed on selected stations,
  • at the train manager (only in KM trains).

30-day and 90-day tickets may be activated at the KM train manager, subject to conditions applicable to passengers who do not hold valid tickets.

1-day, weekend and group weekend tickets are activated subject to specific rules:

Where there is no ZTM validating machine installed on a given station or stop, 1-day, weekend and group weekend tickets are validated (given validity) free of charge by the train manager, by writing on the reverse of the aforementioned cardboard ticket, above the magnetic strip, the train number along with the current date and hour. This information is additionally confirmed by the train manager with a stamp placed below the magnetic strip – in the bottom part of the ticket, or at the front side of the ticket. No crossings-out or amendments are allowed to be made on the ticket.

The passenger who has not validated his ticket, referred to above, earlier in the validating machine or in the metro entrance gate, should board the train by the first doors (from the front of the train) and ask the train manager to validate his ticket. Otherwise the passenger is treated as travelling without a valid ticket. Tickets validated by the train manager are inspected by ZTM, KM or PR inspectors on vehicles of public transport by means of inspection tools. If, during the inspection, data recorded on the magnetic strip proves that the ticket is overdue, the ticket is deemed invalid despite the data placed by the train manager. If the ticket containing data referred to above is validated at a later date in the validating machine or the metro entrance gate, its validity period starts as of the date and hour written by the train manager.

6. Complaints and applications

Complaints and applications related with travelling by KM or WKD should be submitted directly to the carriers. Collection of amounts due on account of travelling without a valid ticket is within the authority of relevant KM and WKD services, and is performed subject to regulations applicable at KM and WKD.

The amounts due on account of travelling without ticket. In case when the passenger had a valid bearer ticket which was encoded on Warsaw City Card but didn’t show it at the moment of inspection, the imposed additional fare may be canceled. It depends on previous payment of handling charge for the benefit of KM or WKD. In order to get this additional fare cancelled the passenger should within 7 consecutive days calculated from the next day after the date of inspection submit in the designated by KM or WKD point the  ZTM bearer time-limit ticket or/and a document which proved the fact that the passenger at the time of inspection was entitled to travel by KM or WKD train.

7. Additional information about the offer

ZTM-KM-WKD Wspólny bilet (Integrated Ticket) is not valid on:

  • trains of PKP Intercity S.A.,
  • trains of PKP Przewozy Regionalne sp. z o.o.
  • trains “Dragon” and “Słoneczny” of Koleje Mazowieckie – KM sp. z o.o.

8. Train schedules and further information about:

9. Acceptance of the tickets of Koleje Mazowieckie in the public transport vehicles

All the tickets sold by Koleje Mazowieckie, including the Airport Ticket, are accepted on line S2 of the fast municipal railway trains (SKM) on the stretch Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina and on line S3 on the stretch Warszawa Płudy – Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina.

Moreover, during renovation works or unexpected events, the tickets sold by Koleje Mazowieckie shall be accepted in the public transport vehicles (ZTM), on the stretches indicated in separate announcements.

ATTENTION! During ticket inspections carried out in public transport vehicles (buses, trams, underground trains, SKM trains) the holders of the tickets sold by Koleje Mazowieckie encoded on the Mazowiecka Card (Karta Mazowiecka) are obliged to produce a sales confirmation together with the card, which will confirm that a particular ticket had been encoded on their card. Passengers without a sales confirmation will be charged an additional fee for lack of a valid ticket.

10. Contact and other details

„Koleje Mazowieckie-KM” sp. z o.o.
ul. Lubelska 26, 03-802 Warszawa,
Call Center – tel. 22 3644444
Collection Department
tel. 22 4737621, fax 22 4737632
Regulations and Tariffs Department:
e-mail: przepisy.taryfy@mazowieckie.com.pl
website: www.mazowieckie.com.pl

Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa Sp. z o.o.
ul. Stefana Batorego 23, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki,
website: www.wkd.com.pl

Applications, Complaints:
Main Chancellery
Open Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 15:00
tel. 22 7554760 ext. 0
e-mail: reklamacje@wkd.com.pl

e-mail: wkd@wkd.com.pl
Telephone information can be obtained at: 22 7554760 ext. 2 (Economic and Financial Department)

Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego
ul. Grochowska 316/320, 03-839 Warszawa
24h infoline: 19115

11. Legal basis of the offer

Validation of tickets is made on the grounds of civil law agreements concluded between Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (Public Transport Authority) and Koleje Mazowieckie (Warsaw Rail) and Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa (Warsaw Suburb Rail) as regards providing transport services in vehicles of public transport – trains operated by KM and WKD. Pursuant to the above mentioned agreements KM and WKD are obliged to observe the rules included in the following resolutions of  the City Council of Warsaw:

  • Resolution No XLIII/1040/2004 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 16 December 2004 (with later amendments).
  • Resolution No XLVII/1203/2005 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 11 April 2005 r.
  • Resolution No XXXIX/1186/2008 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 28 August 2008 r.
  • Resolution No XXVI/858/2008 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 13 March 2008 r. (with later amendments).
  • Resolution No XLV/1413//2008 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 11 December 2008 r. on free of charge travelling of organized groups of school-age children and youth in vehicles of local collective transport in the capital city of Warsaw within the scope of program called Winter in the city” and “Summer in the city:.
  • Resolution No XVI/301/2011 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 26 May 2011 r.
  • Resolution No XXXII/769/2012 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 23 February 2012 r.
  • Resolution No XXXII/770/2012 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 23 February 2012 r.
  • Resolution NoLVI/1604/2013 of the City Council of Warsaw dated 23 maja 2013 r.

Within ticket zones the principles of tickets validation in case of tickets encoded on the Warsaw City Card and the principles regarding luggage and bikes transportation are the same as in vehicles of collective transport supervised by ZTM (Public transport Authority)


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