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Bus tourist line 100

Line 100 is an over-hour course on the board of a historical bus on the streets of Warsaw. This is an offer for everyone who likes to look at the city from behind the window, but also appreciate the historic vehicles that used to be on the streets of Warsaw every day.


DW. CENTRALNY – E. Plater – Świętokrzyska – Prosta – Towarowa – Okopowa – Anielewicza – Świętojerska – Bonifraterska – Konwiktorska – Sanguszki – Wybrzeże Gdańskie – most Śląsko-Dąbrowski – al. „Solidarności” – Targowa – Ratuszowa – Wybrzeże Helskie – Wybrzeże Szczecińskie – most Świętokrzyski – Zajęcza – Topiel – Kruczkowskiego – Książęca – Al. Ujazdowskie – Bagatela – Marszałkowska – Al. Jerozolimskie – DW. CENTRALNY

The route begins and ends at the Dw. Centralny 22 stop – in the third lane from the main railway station building towards the shopping center.

Map of the Warsaw Tourist Lines 2024, including the routes of lines 100, 36, T and the Słonka, Pliszka and Wilga ferries.


The line runs from 1 of May to 22 of September on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and additionally on 16 of August.

Detailed departure times are available in the Timetables section.

Ticket prices

The standard ZTM tariff applies to the line 100.

In the buses without a modern validator, passengers will find conductors from the Association of Public Transport Fans. Their role is to assist in the validation of single-use tickets in traditional “validators” or by using conductor pliers. Please validate short- and long-term tickets coded on the Warsaw City Card in advance in another vehicle or at the metro gate.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Attention. The line is mostly served by high-floor buses. Information about the type of vehicle is included in the timetables.

Historical note

“The hundred” returned to the streets of Warsaw in 2018 after a several year break. Line 100 appeared for the first time in 1949, when it replaced the “O” line circling the city center. The unique character of “the hundred” is due to its activation in two variants: 100P and 100L – clockwise and counterclockwise. The line started and ended courses at Plac Unii Lubelskiej. In 1979, the line was closed. It was reborn in 2001 as a one-way line – buses departed from Plac Zamkowy and returned to the starting point after circling the city center. A novelty was a double-decker MAN, brought from Berlin, which was directed to its service. In 2004, line 100 was replaced by line 400, which ran on the route Plac Zamkowy – Park Kultury in Powsin. Once again, the reactivation of “the hundred” was decided in 2007. Traditionally, it circulated around the city center, starting and finishing courses at Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square). The last time she went on a regular route was in 2009. Currently, the line is associated with historic bus rides.

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