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Ferries across Vistula river


The banks of the Vistula will be connected by three free ferry crossings:

  • “SŁONKA”: Cypel Czerniakowski (floating pier) – Saska Kępa (beach)
  • “PLISZKA”: Most Poniatowskiego / Poniatowski Bridge (waterfront) – Stadion Narodowy
    / National Stadium (beach)
  • “WILGA”: Podzamcze Fontanny / Podzamcze Fountains (floating pier) – ZOO (beach)

It will take just a few minutes to cross the river, for example from the boulevards to the popular beach “Poniatówka”. While sailing on the ferry you can experience the pleasant chill of the Vistula, which is especially refreshing on hot summer days.

Map of the Warsaw Tourist Lines 2024, including the routes of lines 100, 36, T and the Słonka, Pliszka and Wilga ferries.


Ferries run on holidays from 1 of May to 22 of September. During summer holidays, from 1 of July to 31 of August, the river crossings operate daily.


We remind you that you should not stay in the safety zone during the ferry arrival.

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