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Disabled guide

Pictogram of a waiting place for a disabled person: a person in a wheelchair and the letter i placed on a blue background.

The Public Transport Authority in Warsaw manages three interchange nodes, which also function as bus stations – Metro Młociny, Metro Wilanowska and Dworzec Wschodni (Lubelska).

Within these facilities, assistance is provided to disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility in order to facilitate transport services. Therefore, at the stations there are special places where passengers should appear not later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Metro Młociny – the waiting area is located next to the long-distance bus stop – between the Park and Ride Parking and the bus terminus, next to the stairs leading to the mezzanine.

At Dworzec Wschodni (Warsaw East railway station) – the waiting point is at the long-distance bus station – from Lubelska street, next to the ZTM technical room.

At Metro Wilanowska – the waiting point is at the Park and Ride Parking – at the exit towards the city and long-distance bus terminus.

If you plan to make a trim and want to get help, please contact us at 22 56 98 116 or fill out the form below.
We kindly request you to send an application at least 36 hours before the scheduled departure time of your bus.
scheme of the Metro Młociny interchange nod
scheme of the Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East railway station) interchange nod
scheme of the Metro Wilanowska interchange nod
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