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Tickets to the airport

Access to Warsaw Chopin Airport by means of the municipal public transport organized by Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego (bus, SKM train) is provided on the basis of the ZTM ticket tariff. Stops near the airport are situated in Zone 1 of the ticket tariff.

ZTM tickets on the airport premises can be bought:

  • at the Passenger Service Centre in the arrival hall,
  • from ticket vending machines located at bus stops and by the entrance to a railway station,
  • from ticket vending machines in SKM trains and in most buses.

You are entitled to a journey by Koleje Mazowieckie usually on the basis of Koleje Mazowieckie tickets. ZTM tickets are also honored on trains, subject to specific rules.

Honoring of tickets in trains

1. ZTM-KM-WKD integrated ticket (Wspólny bilet ZTM-KM-WKD)

The following ZTM tickets are valid on Koleje Mazowieckie trains within ZTM ticket zone 1 and 2:

  • 90-day,
  • 30-day,
  • 1-day,
  • 3-day,
  • weekend,
  • group weekend,
  • Senior Personal Pass,
  • personal ticket for a child from the family with three children

Detailed information about the ZTM-KM-WKD integrated ticket offer

ATTENTION! Passengers who, upon entering trains, have non-legalized / non-activated ZTM ticket, are obliged to enter the train through the first door (from the front of the train) and report to the train manager in order to legalize or activate the ticket.


2. All Public Transport Authority of Warsaw tariff tickets are valid on SKM trains. Moreover, all the tickets sold by Koleje Mazowieckie, including the Airport Ticket, are accepted on line S2 of the fast municipal railway trains (SKM) on the stretch Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina and on line S3 on the stretch Warszawa Płudy – Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina. You can travel by SKM trains (and other municipal transport services) with the ‘Warsaw Ticket’ (link). 

The tickets sold by Koleje Mazowieckie are accepted in the public transport vehicles (ZTM) on other stretches than the aforementioned ones only during renovations or unexpected events, under separate announcements.

ATTENTION! During ticket inspections carried out in public transport vehicles (buses, trams, underground trains, SKM trains) the holders of the tickets sold by Koleje Mazowieckie encoded on the Mazowiecka Card (Karta Mazowiecka) are obliged to produce a sales confirmation together with the card, which will confirm that a particular ticket had been encoded on their card. Passengers without a sales confirmation will be charged an additional fee for lack of a valid ticket.

On Masovian Railway trains, only on the RL line (previously KML line), on the Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina – Warszawa Płudy section, all ZTM tariff tickets (including single and time-limit tickets) are valid indefinitely.


  • the ticket must be validated in the validator immediately upon entering the SKM and KM trains (does not apply to KM tickets),
  • if there is no validator on KM train, please report to the train chief who will validate or activate the ticket.

Additionally, passengers who have the Masovian Railways ‘Bilet Lotniskowy’ (Airport Ticket) (link), may with no extra charges, use all means of public transport (buses, trams, metro, SKM trains) in the first ticket zone. The ticket is valid for 75 minutes from the time indicated by the passenger. Upon entering the public transport vehicle, the passenger is obliged to write the time on the ticket in a clear and permanent way and the 75-minute period will be counted from this time.

3. Bilet Warszawski IC (Warsaw Ticket)

4. Bilet Warszawski z Polregio (Warsaw Ticket with Polregio)

5. Bilet Łódź – Warszawa ŁKA (Łódź – Warszawa Ticket)

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